Unlike major festivals world- wide, Indian festivals add humor and fun to life. Holi is one of them. It is a religious festival and you find people playing with color. Capturing photographs of Holi is indeed a very tricky task. Here are a few great tips to capture awesome photographs of festivals.

Choose the Right Gear: Always carry cameras with different lenses. Wide and telephoto lenses can do the trick. This gives you a better option to capture several unique festival images. You can choose to carry pocket cameras too as they are quite handy and can serve your purpose.

Plan: Do some research before you venture out to click festival photographs. This helps you shoot the main events related to festivals. You may find people belonging to different states as well as cultures dressed in their traditional costumes, all decked up with ornaments and with different ways of worshipping their deity. Having prior knowledge about these aspects help you focus on the right festival scenes.  Going through internet and some photography websites can help widen your scope to click the right image.

Choose the Right Background: The right background always helps enhance your photograph shot during festivals.  Include images of people praying, dancing or doing some group activities. Including sunrise or sunset in the background adds more life to images.

Shoot alone: It is better to capture festival images alone. Going in a group can confuse you subjects and you may end up capturing shots of people having nervous looks.

Pre-plan the Clicks: Never get carried away by new things in a country. You may be tempted to capture images of people, things, colors and much more. Remember to focus on the main festive events of the day. Save your camera battery along with some space in your memory card for capturing planned festive shoots. Choose the right aperture, shutter speed and focal length to shoot colorful festival photographs.

Get ready to click awesome photographs today!