Recently, Apple launched its ever biggest tablet, “The iPad Pro” latest version of Apple TV and two iPhones with a “3D touch” at an event held in San Francisco named “Hey Siri”. The new iPad Pro is specially launched for  business users which comes in 12.9 inch screen for the current full-size iPad. You can play more powerful games and split screens as it weighs  1.57 pounds with a width of 9.4 inches. These three apps are good examples that make sense on a bigger screen.

It comes paired with Apple’s iOS 9 operating system, providing the tablet features including Apple’s low power battery saving mode and Split view Multitasking. Basically, the iPad Pro will also offer apps specially designed for Apple Pencil Stylus with firms like Adobe and Microsoft. In a surprise launch, two Microsoft executives joined the event to show Microsoft office demo on the iPad Pro. The demo has been previewed spilt screens with PowerPoint presentation and Microsoft Word.  They were trailed by an executive at Adobe, who showed a new app known as Photoshop17 Fix.


New iPhones with ‘3D Touch’

The New iPhones were launched within half an hour during Apple’s presentation. It may look familiar, but they have changed everything about these new iPhones. Its new addition is “3D Touch”, with screen sensors to detect between extended finger pressures and a light lap to activate different functions. You can have access for taking a selfie by pressing down the slider on the new iPhones. This 3D touch will show the page link without opening the browser through the message box. These iPhones come with 12-megapixel iSight with improved sensor cameras.

In the drawing apps, the 3D touch display also has a few more actions with the capacity to sense pressure. By pressing harder you can create thicker lines and by lighter you can create thinner line. For multitasking view, press alongside the left-hand side of the home screen.

The initial price rate is from $199 for a 6S and from $299 for a 6S plus.

Many experts question whether the new features will encourage the same type of user demand that boosted last year’s iPhone success story. Since launching of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple sold a record 183 iPhones in 9 months.














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